Slovenian Horticultural Society and National Plant Collections

Desiring to get the Slovenian public and all those with an interest in gardening abroad acquainted with Slovenian gardening culture and collections of our plants, a small group of amateur breeders of ornamental plants has decided to establish The Slovenian horticultural society of gardening culture and national plant collection, which includes and connects the owners of ornamental gardens, collectors and professional plant breeders.

The society's tasks are as follows:

  • Creating, recording and conservation of both, gardens and national plant collections;
  • Promotion of improvement of living environment;
  • Promoting the horticulture, gardening culture and the exchange of information with related fields;
  • Organizing professional and other kinds of meetingsfrom in the field of horticulture, as well as protection and restoration of the natural environment;
  • Organizing expert trips;
  • Encouraging and interfering exchange of plants among the members and the interested public informing the members and the public;
  • Informing the members and the public with the Doors Open Days. 

In order to become a member of the society, the folowing conditions shall be fulfilled: One shall arrange his own ornamental garden or plant collection, has skills in the field of horticulture, makes records of his garden plants or of his collection, signs an enrolment declaration, by which he is bound to observe the rules of the society and to allow the visits of his own garden.